The People Project: Art Imitates Life in San Anselmo


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The People Project

Proposal for the San Anselmo Arts Commission
People Project Event

Below this paragraph is a photo Marsha took of "poster people" on a balcony in Budapest, Hungary. What is missing from the photo is the enthusiastic crowd below that was looking up at them.  The idea for this public art project in San Anselmo is to create the same excitement that the crowd expressed in Budapest.

If the Art Walk and People P​roject Event is approved by the Arts Commission, your efforts would involve a $100 tax deductible donation to FORVA, the fundraising arm of the San Anselmo Arts Commission, and an email ​with a photo of yourself standing​.

The Arts Commission will ​help you select art to be viewed and purchased​ ​in your location ​and will provide publicity for the event.

​It is estimated that at least 25 participants are needed for the project to be successful.

More Details

The San Anselmo Arts Commission supports and promotes artists and art education in the Ross Valley to enhance our cultural environment and to make San Anselmo an art destination in Marin. If the San Anselmo Arts Commission approves this project, the plan is to approach the San Anselmo Chamber and other merchant groups in San Anselmo ​ to participate in the event​.

The goal is that through this endeavor more people will come to San Anselmo to support local businesses ​ ​and purchase art. Additionally ​the money that is raised will support Music in the Park and other free events ​the San Anselmo Arts Commission makes available to the public.

People Posters: The People Posters are life-sized cut out posters on cardboard backing with stands. Several vendors have been approached to provide the product. It is anticipated that San Anselmo local store owners, restaurant owners, residents, elected officials and even pets, will participate. The idea is to have photos that show San Anselmo people grounded in work, taking flights in fantasy and helping others. Creative photos would be welcome.

It is proposed that the cut-out life size posters of San Anselmo business people would be located on sidewalks in front of their stores and restaurants. Posters of elected officials can be standing in front of ​Town ​Hall to welcome people into town. Residents and pets can be placed on the Town Lawn.

One possibility is to hold this event the weekend of December 2, 3, 4, from 10 a.m. Friday through 6 p.m. Sunday. ​This would coincide with the Holiday Lighting Ceremony and ​ Merchant Open House.​ The poster people will not be displayed if it rains ​ and another date would have to be selected​.

​We will consider ​ other dates suggested by merchants for the People Project​ and Art Walk.
Art Walk:
As part of the People Project, local stores and restaurants would show artwork curated by the Arts Commission or ​art self selected by merchants. ​ The San Anselmo Arts Commission will assist merchants with contacting ​ an artist of their choice ​ so their work ​can be sold ​​during the weekend walk. There will be the typical 50/50 split between the artist and the seller and they will also share a 5% contribution to the Arts Commission.

Resident Participation:
Residents can participate in this event either by purchasing people posters for themselves, their children, and their pets, or by coming into town to eat or shop. It is proposed that residents’ posters be displayed on the Town Lawn.

Marsha Hallet

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